Now that January’s done, I’m finally getting around to sharing my project for the year-this year l’m focusing on film photography. Throughout 2018 l’ll be shooting one roll of film per month and share the results the following month. Here’s how it will work:


The first week of each month, I’ll select a roll of film that I will shoot with for the month and only use the shots from that roll to share. If the roll happens to be 120 medium format, expect anywhere from one to 15 shots for that month. If I’m shooting 35mm then expect anywhere up to 36 shots and so on. Basically I’ll share the roll on lnstagram and that will be the month’s roll.

First Month

For the month of January I posted my selection of films for the month. ln the end I ended up going with Japan Camera Hunter’s Street Pan 400 in 120 format. Street Pan 400 is a high-contrast black and white film that live long admired as a 35mm film, but once it was made available in the 120 format – I jumped at the chance to buy a few rolls. Now I get to shoot it.

How to Follow Along

Here’s what I’ve been debating: will this only on this site or should I create a new social media account just for the project? I’ve considered running a new Instagram account for the purposes of this project but I’m not entirely sure I want to go through the trouble of managing yet another account. Then there’s the issue of monetizing this project; while I love shooting film, I don’t have the means to develop my own film. Development is pricey and for this reason, I will definitely leave the tip jar open for donations. Thanks in advanced.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Well, I’ve let you know what this year’s personal project now it’s time to get to work. If you’d like to collaborate on this project, leave me a note. I’ll respond to all serious inquiries.

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