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Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out As Planned

As mentioned in my post at the beginning of April, my intention was to make various portraits using Lomography's Lomochrome Purple XR 200-400 120 format film. From what I've read and seen, this film emulsion adds a reddish hue to your highlights and deep purples to your shadows when underexposed. I wish I could provide... Continue Reading →

Purple Portraits – April 2018

Despite what the temperature may read, it's Spring in NYC (allegedly). With warmer weather and the local flora soon to be in bloom, there's no better time to experiment with some film - Lomography's Lomochrome Purple XR100-400.

March Went Out Like a Lion

It's been a while since there was an update here. While it may seem as if I neglected my project, fear not! It's still very much alive and in the works. As you may recall from my February post, March was a return to Black & White photography and the Lomography Earl Grey 100 for... Continue Reading →

After the Love is Gone

February came and went in a blur. One of the biggest challenges that I'm facing is finding (aka "making") the time to get out and shoot; it's the very reason I decided to do this photo project in the first place. While there are a ton of 365 projects to do, I chose to shoot... Continue Reading →

Results from January’s Challenge

After a pretty long wait, the scans are finally in - this past January, I set out to shoot one roll of film per month and share the results. Last month's film choice was Japan Camera Hunter StreetPan 400 in 120 format. It was my first time shooting with this particular film and I wasn't... Continue Reading →


Now that January's done, I’m finally getting around to sharing my project for the year-this year l’m focusing on film photography. Throughout 2018 l’ll be shooting one roll of film per month and share the results the following month. Here's how it will work: RULES The first week of each month, I'll select a roll... Continue Reading →

Under Construction

You've reached my new portfolio page. If you remember the old page, you'll remember that my Street Photography was front and center. Don't worry, I definitely plan on sharing more of that here in the future. This site redesign is going to put a larger focus on my work-for-hire including Headshots, Product Photography, and Events.... Continue Reading →

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